Saturday, July 12, 2008

What You Need

Call it good a good financial decision or a change of heart, but I did not get a tattoo today at the convention as much as I really wanted to. Part of it was that I just couldn't connect with any art that I came across, even though one of the artists did a good job drawing a sacred heart to get done on my wrist. Even with that, though, I couldn't decide if I really wanted it on my wrist.

The other part was that I wasn't sold on spending $250 (!) from my savings. I know that sounds ridiculous considering I now have more than $2K in savings but it took almost two years and two jobs to actually put money into that account. I like the fact that I have a cushion should something come up (like a speeding ticket and defensive driving).

OK, so maybe it's more the former than the latter. This tattoo is at the top of my 'Crap I Want But Don't Need' list, and this particular one has more meaning to it than that ones I already have. Maybe that's another reason why it didn't come to fruition.

Have not had the chance to research the home purchase. Instead, after the interesting week I had, I picked up a couple of books at the discount book store (entertainment on the cheap) and went to Sephora for some retail therapy (more on my product purchase and usage later).

Other happenings at the convention today, Baby Gap got his 'tribal seahorse':

DO waited for the artist that we used at the last convention to be free, but began to get the Itch For Ink and decided to begin the work on the tribute for his mom with a different guy (both of whom thought I was his wife; you can imagine the palpitations DO was having with that and how hard I was trying not to laugh):

Weekly summary:
Stuck to food budget
Got speeding ticket (add defensive driving)
Bought half priced paperbacks
Did not stick to gym plan (though I did go 3x)
Paid for cheap hair cut at Aveda school
Did not spend $250 on tattoo

Oh, and auditions were pushed to next Saturday. There's something to look forward to. Yes, I continue to have trouble turning my frown upside down and it's unbelievably frustrating. I have nothing in my life that I have reason to complain about: good job, financial security, physical health, funny cat, interesting friends. It could be Fight Club syndrome or a 'mid-life crisis.' Or it could be something else entirely. I'm hoping my Sunday coffee & Times ritual will jump start the week.
Hey, here is the story
Forget about your troubles in life
Don't you know it's not easy
When you've gotta walk upon that line
That's why
You need
That's what
This is what you need
I'll give you what you need

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