Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wedding Post 02: On Dress Shopping

Let me start by sharing that I LOATHE trying on clothes. I have been known to purchase without trying something on, which works about 85% of the time. Also, I will look for clothes maybe once every two months or so, and grab a ton of things to try on in one visit. I hate the little rooms with the bad lighting and the questionably clean floors and seats. Yuck! Knowing this, I knew wedding dress shopping was going to be somewhat painful. Make that excruciating....

Store number 1: Glamour Bridal of San Antonio.
This place is a family run shop (two sisters and a daughter) in a not-so-fancy strip center. Storefront aside, this store and the service was worth the trip. Fortunately for me, the dressing room was all mine, was clean and not scary. Amongst all the multi-colored quinceniera dressed and accessory pillows were four full racks of dresses. Toni found the three dresses I found in magazines and while all pretty, were definately not me at all. This is where I let Luz, Deanna and Mom pick whatever they wanted for me to try on. (I realized after dress number two that I would have to surrender to the experience and let others help me play dress-up because I was going to fail)
Here are the two that made the favorites list after trying on 9 dresses:

Store Number 2: David's Bridal
After eating and drinking a margarita at Chachos, we went to the default store here in town. Tried on 8 dresses here, one fun one but nothing to post about. Mom and Deanna found dresses for themselves, so this trip was not in vain. Left a little frustrated with myself for being so particular about what I want. I also now know what I don't want.

Store Number 3: Debi's Bridal
I was hesitant to roll into this store having read so many reviews about how bad the service was there. It wasn't terrible, but it was really more of a self-service experience. Found three to try on as one other was too small. For being here thirty minutes, I successfully added another to the list:

Strangely, all three are from the same manufacturer. I'll be heading back to the first store to place my order once I figure out which one to get. Once this is in the bag, half of the planning will be done.

Thankfully, there was wine ready to drink when I got home. Now, time to veg out...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding: Post 01

I am a compulsive planner. I plan grocery lists, daily events, errands to the point that I exhaust myself from planner. I wish I was a compulsive organizer so I wouldn't have to deal with the iles of folded clothes and piles of clipped recipes laying about. Anyway.

Major and I have begun planning our wedding/celebration circus. So far we have:

Officiant of Honor D and I are heading out today to hunt for decorations at Garden Ridge - thinking of going for a Christmas theme, but who knows what we'll find.

D & me at RnR San Antonio.

D and I met at work, when I stopped at her desk to admire her tattoos. How much work can I get done before the wedding, I wonder? Anyway, we clicked over our love of ink, hate of stupidity, and similar odd senses of humor (machete or rifle for the zombie apocalypse anyone?). She will be an ordained member of the Angry Chinchillas/Universal Life Church and will be officiating the marriage ceremony for Major and I. I already have things up my sleeves...

It's cold. I'm dilly dallying in the kitchen with my coffee... *sigh*