Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch ups

(Late post)

Carla's wedding came and went so fast last month with our whirlwind vacation and news. I'm so happy for her!

This month is more than half done. Cripes! Tonight is my bachelorette party - no booze for me! And next week is the wedding. W E D D I N G. Wow. Not sure which dominates my thoughts more: getting married or being pregnant. Whoa.

So at almost 11 weeks, very few issues happening: no barfing, lots of gas and the need for sleep. Good job, Little Monkey! And thanks for bringing some of my appetite back. No largely noticeable physical changes, yet. I'm sure everyone who knows will be looking for it at the wedding. Hee hee!

And now, for a nap.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a bird, it's a gummy bear....

No! It's... A BABY!

You're surprised? I'm surprised. Major seems to be the only one not surprised. So with less than three weeks to go until the wedding, Little Monkey has entered the building. Well, nine weeks ago to be exact. It's been a tough secret to hold on to for four weeks.

No, no huge visible changes to me that you'd be able to see. My pants are a bit tighter already, so don't say anything if you notice my pants are unbuttoned.

Food aversions, I has them. Steamed broccoli will send me racing to the nearest barf container. I can't even think about food or enjoy my food blog reads - this from someone who plans lunch and dinner at breakfast. Morning sickness hits when I get in bed. I am fatigued at all times. Running again next month will help with that and all the food I shove in my face when I do get hungry.

Major is excited, to say the least. The Boy is just worried that the baby will play with all his toys. My Mom and Grandma are already in shopping mode. I'm still in panic mode. Panic mode began when I heard the heartbeat today because there is no Stork and that Monkey is likely only coming out of one place. There's a little human growing in me, it's kind of strange and fun and scary all at once. 

:-)  More to come as the wedding train slows down and the baking resumes.

(I did take a Baking class with Sara this weekend to get my fix - at the C.I.A. no less! That post to come.)