Monday, July 27, 2009

There once was a girl on the couch...

Not a year goes by without getting a crazy idea.

I started in January, and thought I was going to give myself a stroke from running around the block. I found a 1-mile loop around a nearby school and completed run/walks 2 - 3 times a week for three months, found a couch to 5k training group, and looked for info online (Podcasts are helpful, too).

I keep meaning to keep a better training log on the blog, and Nic may have just kicked my ass to do it.

I joined a group, USAFit, but the only benefit I have seen from that is being able to run in a group. The seminars are handy, and it's nice to meet like minded yahoos who think running is somewhat fun...especially when there's beer or other treats at the end.

To date, I've run approximately 80 miles this year. What I forget to log are my treadmill miles, so I will need to get better at that. Could be the heat.

In summary, I've put on a bib this year for:
Race for the Cure 5K (no chip, I clocked 40 minutes)
Cornyval 5K - 35 minutes
Lavender Hills 10K (with HILLS, damn it!) 1:15
Carraba's Half Marathon relay as the anchor, 5k - 35 minutes
Chupacabra 10k Night Trail - 1:29

When I started the first 10K, I had serious doubts that I would be able to finish. Did I say serious? I meant pit-of-the-stomach who-the-hell-do-I-think-I-am-running-6-miles doubts. It was all fun and games up to mile marker 3 when I had the realization that I would have to turn around and complete 3 miles mostly uphill. The last 100-yards was no party either. Up a narrow rocky hill, I though I was going to collapse until Carla met me at the top and ran in with me. Talk about a friend.

After that, I acquired the "I Can Run 6-Miles" ego that is co-pilot to my obsessive drive to learn about all things running and health. What's the motivation to all this? To make a choice and follow through; to challenge myself in other ways (almost debt free!!!); to know that I can do something physically challenging; to burn off some pesky pounds; to keep pace with Major Triathaon and share the obsession; to prove to myself that I can run 13.1 miles. Perhaps there will be 26.2 in my future.