Sunday, June 29, 2008

Under Pressure

Monday: no gym. Dad and Mom were here, and I had to get home to cut the grass before they did. They were almost done in the time it took me to get home from work.

Tuesday: Trainer has to reschedule as she is having morning sickness all day. I complete my 20-minute interval jog and rack up almost a mile and half. Also completed upper-body strength training.

Wednesday: Friend cancels dinner plans. Worked out for 30 minutes on the elliptical, racking up 3 miles. So much easier, but not the goal. Completed core training.

Thursday: No workout, drinks at Kona.

Friday: Should have worked out, drinks at The Flying Saucer and movie night.

Saturday: Just enough time to meet the girls for a fun-filled afternoon. Strength training at home after snacking.

Sunday: Interval jogging around the neighborhood. This was a bad idea as it was 300% humidity outside. I manages 12 minutes before realizing I was soaked in sweat and was struggling to breathe.

Let's see how next week pans out.

In the meantime: Kitten entertainment

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"I cant get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications ...

Its time to walk the streets
Smell the desperation

At least theres pretty lights
And though theres little variation
It nullifies the night
From overkill"

I hadn't heard this song in a really long time until this morning on my way to work, Sirius channel 8 (The 80s) reminded me how awesome Men At Work is. On top of that, I was struck by the lyrics. Sure, we've all been told that we shouldn't worry about the things we can't control, focus on the things we can influence. Try telling that to your sub-conscience when you're trying to sleep and could keep thinking about something or someone.

What's keeping me awake...lack of vocation, complicated emotions, over caffeinated delusions. You know, the usual.

Today also begins my couch-to-5k training plan. As I've been making good progress at the gym, I decided I needed another goal to work on for the next year. My friend Carla inspired me after she decided to sign up for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So in addition to helping her raise $2k, I figured I'd get my own unproductive ass and train to join her next year. I think next year is a good goal, I can't imagine I'll be able to pull 13 miles out of my ass by this November much less the entire 26. However, I think I can at the very least attempt something smaller this year. My first milestone, I've decided, will be
Soler's Sports Missions 1/2 Marathon, 10K & 5K on October 11, emphasis on the 5K. This is to be followed in March with the Komen Race For the Cure; no walking for m next year! It's quite possible I've gone nuts.

I began my first day with a 25 minute mix of running and walking. Managed almost a mile and half, maxed my heart rate at 182. That's impressive for me who typically starts wheezing at 150 on the elliptical. Three miles in eight weeks. Thirteen mies in 52. Who knows what will be next.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I dragged Luz with me to the Smashmouth/Styx/Boston show with me over the weekend and had an absolute blast. Granted, she had no idea who the bands were and it was hot and muggy, but I sang along to every song and left with a giant smile on my face for having the chance to see such a great show.

Smashmouth did a short set of all their radio hits, and even played two Van Halen songs. Styx did a longer set, although I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t play MR. ROBOTO, LADY, or BABE. Either way, the music was so good. And then of course Boston. How cool is it that a super fan is currently the lead singer? He nailed it.

The highlight of the night for me, however, was Michael Sweet (of the band Stryper, remember Jesus glam rock) singing AMANDA. Yeah, that was awesome. Of course, it’s my secret girl hope that someone will sing this song to me.