Monday, October 5, 2009

Nasty carrots.

Fall and winter weather in Texas could be described as bi-polar. Hot bitch in heat one day, cold nasty ice queen the next. And yet, still poor excuses to not run.

The Major and I ran 8 miles in the neighborhood yesterday. Half of the route was on a road with mo shoulder, which is a ton of fun after having it rain all night. I got my mileage in with little pain and was still somewhat productive around the house.

It's that thought that made me feel like I would have the same productivity at work on a Monday. DENIED. Turns out I didn't turn the cap all the way on my tumbler so it spilled sixteen ounces of coffee in my work bag. Joy. This was followed by much silliness at work which is of little consequence.

By the time I got home, Domestic Girl was in full effect - I would have dinner on the table in no time. Well, an hour to be exact. Reused some meat sauce, added pasta, more sauce, more cheese, and voila! Dinner. Oh, yeah. The meat sauce has tomatoes and carrots. Which The Boy finds nasty. Which led to the game of "We're the Parents, You're the Kid, Eat What We Tell You." Which further led to the realization that I am not on the other side of the Grown-up/Kid fence. Which lead to a beer.

Now, what's the likelyhood that The Boy will like enchiladas...stay tuned.