Sunday, August 30, 2009

New chapter

It's official. I'm all moved in at the major's/my house. Bedroom furniture all set, all my boxes are in the garage, clothes in the closet, pans in the cabinets. *sigh*

Pooped. Excited. Happy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Heartbreak Hill of Westcreek, the new location.

Ran a new route with the Major in my new neighborhood. OMFG, the hills, the hills! This will be great practice in both directions once I get feeling in my calves back.

After spending the week slacking and moving from one house to another, running two miles seemed daunting. I have better appreciation for my endurance, as I'm sure I could have squeezed those two miles out on a flat route without feeling like my head was going to explode from hyperventilaion.

The move has been fun and nerve-wracking all at once: how will I get all my stuff to fit in the Major's our house? I'm almost a co-parent to a 10-year old boy with Autism, how can I pull that off when I'm a teenager with ADHD most of the time? Wait, I have to make dinner on a regular basis that isn't cereal? Why is the cat afraid to leave the bedroom? What's that smell? And where are the doo-dads that hold up that thing in the garage? *whew* All this and much, much more.

Next up: my two-day bootcamp at the CIA in San Antonio. I have a feeling there's no coming back from that experience...