Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have ice down my pants (and other things of note)

But first, a recap.

Barb's wedding came and went so fast. Phew! I was so grateful to have been asked to perform the ceremony for such a great friend, madness and all. Sara's cake was a hit and was quickly devoured by the guests. I can't wait for her business to take off.

Major and I clean up well!
My ladies look fab, too!

Next was my own bridal shower, hosted by my family and wedding party. Summer heat, white sangria and Grandma's cooking - great combination. Oh, and a cake from Sara. :-)

Now that this has passed, the reality that the wedding is around the corner has set in. I didn't really have an idea of what "My Shower" would be like but the ladies sure did make it fun and memorable!

The following week was Carla's shower. A fall theme accented by rain made us almost believe it actually was fall. And now back to 100 degree days.

Sara's spice cake was another hit (notice a trend here?) and the finger foods I put together weren't bad, either!

So now an explanation on the ice in my pants. Turns out, I damaged my S1 disk while running - that's the disk about the tailbone. Yes, I have a pain in my ass. *sigh* And my right side. No running allowed for a month (!!!), physical therapy needed, and frustration abound. It's possible I may not be able to run the half-marathon in November. If all works out well, I'll aim for a winter race. I have been busting my butt for six months (ha!) and I'm not letting it go to waste. That is why I've been sitting around with an ice pack down the back of my pants.

Looks like it's time to bake this weekend to drown my sorrows.