Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Year of Living...

How to sum up January:

Started New Year's hungover and disappointed with myself. I keep hoping people will stop being afraid of themselves and start living life, and I'm starting to understand this is something I can only expect this of myself. At least I knocked a few beers off my list.

Mid-January brought news that my cysts are smaller, but not yet gone. Fortunately the pain and unpleasantness has abated.

The end of the month marked the 80% completion of my first phase of training at work. Unreal that there is this much training involved, and there is more to come. Still, it's a pretty fantastic job.

Did I mention the part about being frustrated when people do nothing? Yeah. Still working on accepting. Life, with all it's beauty and heartache, is a one shot deal. It's impossible to completely plan and predict, but there are plenty of opportunities to try and learn new things about ourselves. So, with that, I choose to try and find those new things even if it means some bruising along the way.

Who knows, I may get over myself enough to let someone in.