Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back on the Saddle Week 1, Day 2

This is the third year where I've committed to being more healthy and fit.

The first year, I was well into a routine at the gym and changing my eating
habits. No more ice cream three nights a week, no more weekly happy our
beer and carb party, no more cheese and cracker dinners. This helped me
shed ten pounds.

Last year, I finally had better income (making it easier to eat more than
cheese and crackers) and decided to take up running in lieu of going to the
gym. I successfully trained for and completed a half-marathon, along with
other benchmark goals. No weight-loss, but better toning of leg muscles.

It's now 2010. This year brings a cruise and wedding. And maybe a full
marathon with some smaller races in-between (!!!!). Can I at least lose 5
pounds? 10? Some fat please? This is where it's really going to hurt... I
love food. I love starches, and carbs, and sugar, and butter, and lard.
Combined, separated, in that order or not, fried, but still in moderation.
I appreciate veggies in all forms. The balance will be in feeding myself,
the Major and the Boy. The picky-eating, hate new things Boy.

2mi/24 min
131 lbs.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

So far, a new baby has been added (Congrats, Jason & Claudia), another engagement (Ryan & Barb), and a new decade has occurred. Ahead, more wedding planning, house fixin' and traveling.

Not too many holiday pics this year. Too sick to party it up. That, and everyone is so busy... maybe in the next few weeks...

Good times...