Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back on the Saddle Week 1, Day 2

This is the third year where I've committed to being more healthy and fit.

The first year, I was well into a routine at the gym and changing my eating
habits. No more ice cream three nights a week, no more weekly happy our
beer and carb party, no more cheese and cracker dinners. This helped me
shed ten pounds.

Last year, I finally had better income (making it easier to eat more than
cheese and crackers) and decided to take up running in lieu of going to the
gym. I successfully trained for and completed a half-marathon, along with
other benchmark goals. No weight-loss, but better toning of leg muscles.

It's now 2010. This year brings a cruise and wedding. And maybe a full
marathon with some smaller races in-between (!!!!). Can I at least lose 5
pounds? 10? Some fat please? This is where it's really going to hurt... I
love food. I love starches, and carbs, and sugar, and butter, and lard.
Combined, separated, in that order or not, fried, but still in moderation.
I appreciate veggies in all forms. The balance will be in feeding myself,
the Major and the Boy. The picky-eating, hate new things Boy.

2mi/24 min
131 lbs.

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