Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving rocked.
I had a freakish urge to get up at 6:15 and hit the grocery store for a couple of items. Not many there, bu learned the hard lesson that the store will not sell you wine before 7AM. LAME.

Inn any case, i spend the morning making:

Cranberry cornbread-sage stuffing, Orange-herb Turkey, Corn-leek pudding, Green Beans with caramelized red onions, herbed mashed potatoes and apple pie.

A good time was had by us all, this being the first of many with Major and my ever-growing extended family. Carla, Steve and Deanna joined us and we ended the evening with a wine-fuled bout of Trivial Pursuit - 80s.

Not a bad way to end the night...which for me was passing out at 8:30 on the couch. No black Friday for us today, Major is not up for walking around. XBox, here we come.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

rachel rossi, where are you?

Every email I've sent bounces back for the past few months. Your cell is
disconnected. Am debating calling the house number and beginning another
relationship with the answering machine that may or may not be yours. Don't
feel like talking to the assclown, but that may be my only option.

Where, oh where, can you be?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here it is, twelve days to go until the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon.
I won't give myself a high-five until the end of the race, as I'm rolling
around on the ground.

October pushed me to my absolute limits with some long runs:
8.45 mi/ 1:26
12 mi/ 2:30:55
8 mi/1:30:24

Will have to push myself this week as I missed a run. Well, I didn't
actually <i>miss</i> it, but I was a big baby about the last two runs and
could barely get up the stairs at home. Back on the saddle and on the wagon
now. That's right, detox began this Sunday - no booze, high-fat foods, late
nights. Did I say no booze? Almost regretting that.

Looking forward to saying that I ran an official half-marathon. Is there
really a need to run a full? Wait and see...