Thursday, September 27, 2012

Olive Monkey

She is amazing.


She has a couple of words and a couple of signs ("more" and "please"). She shakes and nods her head appropriately, and she hollers at you when she's experiencing she doesn't like.

She loves anyone to sing "Row, Row Your Boat" while pushing and pulling her arms.


She loves going up and down the stairs.
After many months of trying everything to get her to sleep in her crib peacefully, we discovered on Monday that her Monkey blanket instantly signals that's time for bed (thank you, daycare!).

She has a toothy, cheesy grin. She kisses my face with her mouth open, often leaving a smear of drool and boogies.

She hates diaper changes, but is starting to tell me when she needs a new one or is about to poop.

She dances by crouching and jiggling, or swaying side to side. Her favorite bib is a yellow froggy bib that I made up a song and dance for (froggy, froggy, ribbit, ribbit).

She pretends to read when she has a book in her hand - her current favorite is "Jorge, El Chango Curioso" or "Curious George."

She has the sweetest sigh and laugh.

Her hugs help me forget the crappy day I've had.

She is the best thing in the whole world.