Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding: Post 01

I am a compulsive planner. I plan grocery lists, daily events, errands to the point that I exhaust myself from planner. I wish I was a compulsive organizer so I wouldn't have to deal with the iles of folded clothes and piles of clipped recipes laying about. Anyway.

Major and I have begun planning our wedding/celebration circus. So far we have:

Officiant of Honor D and I are heading out today to hunt for decorations at Garden Ridge - thinking of going for a Christmas theme, but who knows what we'll find.

D & me at RnR San Antonio.

D and I met at work, when I stopped at her desk to admire her tattoos. How much work can I get done before the wedding, I wonder? Anyway, we clicked over our love of ink, hate of stupidity, and similar odd senses of humor (machete or rifle for the zombie apocalypse anyone?). She will be an ordained member of the Angry Chinchillas/Universal Life Church and will be officiating the marriage ceremony for Major and I. I already have things up my sleeves...

It's cold. I'm dilly dallying in the kitchen with my coffee... *sigh*

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Felicie said...

Angry Chinchillas, eh? Can I be part of that denomination as well? I feel the same hatred of stupidity, too. Actually, very much the same, if not, more.