Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Roboto

The Good
  • Local universities were on site at work today to spin their spiel. I hunkered down and turned in my application for Our Lady of the Lake's MBA program. Thank you, work, for $10,000 in yearly tuition reimbursement. I just have to come up with the initial payment and also cover my pre-req class.
  • It finally rained thanks to Hurricane Dolly. My plants were looking a bit sad.
  • Went out twice this week. Woo hoo! And it's only Wednesday!
The Bad
  • Intellectual stimulation escapes me. I find myself staring off into space. A lot.
  • Carbs. They are yummy. Especially when covered in butter.
  • One giant callus on the ball of my foot, making it hard to wear cute shoes or to run.
The Ugly
  • Have not made it to the gym at all. Found all kinds of excuses: I'm not driving this week. There's a hurricane outside. I'm hungry. I need to get gas. I have gas. My stories are on. I did manage some core exercises in front of the Boob Tube.
  • I have been living on frozen food. Not because I don't have fresh food, but because I'm too damn cheap to leave the AC on 72 all day to keep my fruit and such from melting in the heat. Will try leaving fruit bowl in the living room next grocery trip.

This week will be written off. I can't let myself not go to the gym, if only because I don't want to have to buy bigger pants. :-) Maybe I will take Dad up on his offer to give me his treadmill.

It's so hard not to sing out loud while being a passenger. I don't know how my fellow carpooler would react. At least he makes up for playing Mariah Crazy by following up with some classic Michael Jackson. Will have to introduce him to the classic car sing along:

The actual video here.

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