Monday, July 21, 2008

Six Underground

Three visits to the gym. *sigh* I could not get up from the couch yesterday. I slept for three hours after lunch. That just means I'm going to pay for it at the gym tomorrow with the trainer. But at least I've stuck to my guns with food. Mostly. :-)

Went a bit over my dining budget, but the sushi and company made it sting less. Tried a new roll at Sushi Zushi, the J Roll (I had a hard time keeping a straight face when ordering it) with out cream cheese. I just don't get the cream cheese. The consistency is just wrong to me, gives me the creeps. Don't get me wrong - I like it on a good bagel, just not on my tuna. Still, sushi makes me giddy.

Even with the dining splurge, little extra at the Saucer on Friday, and a $11 purchase at Ross for my workout ball, I am still on target for the week even with a $50 gas purchase. Rarg!!!!!

HOWEVER... the exciting bit is that I am now officially a Geek Who Drinks. That is to say, I have earned capitalization in that characterization for being dubbed an official quiz master. I didn't flub the audition by stammering or being monotone (I think the two Blue Star Chocolate Stouts helped) and even earned a few laughs. That being said, I don't have my time and location locked in as of yet, but I will be heading out next Tuesday to support the inaugural quiz at the Lion & Rose. Not bad for my first job requiring stand up performance. (I could argue that like the doctor at the bottom of his graduating class who is still a doctor, I could have been the best of the worst but I still made it.)

Weird weekend. That is a non-relationship rant best kept private. [Insert d'oh here]

Week 2 of the carpool begins. Spurs Fan's turn to drive, which rocks since my gas gauge light lit up when I got home. How I miss Boston... and today is the perfect day for Chinese food.
Talk me down, safe and sound
Too strung up to sleep
Wear me out, scream and shout
Swear my time's never cheap
I fake my life like I've lived
Too much, I take whatever you're given
Not enough,

Overground, watch this space,
I'm open to falling from grace

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