Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feeling Good

I renegotiated with my bad mood before I finally fell asleep last night, and it seems that the frown has ended it's strike. I even managed to stay in bed past 7 am, believe it or not. Made a pot of coffee, and watched Ratattoile. While it is a Pixar movie, it's also about food so most movies about food are aces in my book. Food, food, fabulous food. Must consider watching Eat Drink Man Woman. Of course, then I'll want Chinese food and I have yet to find any crave-worthy take out in San Antonio.

Read the 'newspaper' online, then onward to some blogs while listening to jazz from the ol' iPod.

JD writes about his big life changes, fitness being one of them. Hmmm. I should get off the couch soon. Maybe after a nap. Not gas-efficient to go to the gym this afternoon, and it is H O T outside for a run (that's Texas for you). Maybe I can convince myself to cut the grass.

Kudos to Fabulously Broke for getting me sucked into Wordle:

It's time for me to delve back into cooking. I have spent so much time over the last year working on managing my finances and becoming fit that my pile of recipes is taller then Grendel.

My treat for lunch today was this:

Basil and tomato brought to me, well, by me. I don't know that making cheese is something I'd want to do, so store bought was good enough with the fruits of my garden. Yum! Can't wait for the pomegranates to ripen.

Now that I read through some food blogs, I really want a chocolate cupcake. I wonder if i have all the ingredients...

Currently listening to Nina Simone. I remember this sone being used for a promo for Six Feet Under and found it. Muse has their version released for the tween-vampire movie, Twilight:

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The Spiteful Chef said...

I swear to you, if I don't find someone good to deliver garlic beef, chicken lo mein, and hot and sour soup to my address on the NW side of S.A., I shall never be able to drink again.

Pleased to meet you, heathen.