Tuesday, April 8, 2008

There, but for the grace of god, I go.

OK, so I'm not imprisoned in the Tower of London and about to watch someone be executed. I am embarking in something just as serious, though, in becoming Godmother to my cousin's son, JD. This means I've been asked to take a vested interest in JD's upbringing and personal development. (That's the view I'm taking as I know my cousin didn't select me for my religious perspective, even though I've completed the necessary sacraments.)
I went to my first 'baptismal' class last Saturday. The Deacon is pretty cool, calm, and wicked intelligent. And while I did keep my personal crazy in check, I need to become a member of the Parish to complete the necessary documentation for JD to be baptized at his church in Kingsville (hereto known as 'K-Ville').

Let's take stock:
  • moved 2,000 miles from home to go to college
  • got first tattoo
  • lived in 'sin' for a while
  • moved back home
  • had a job that didn't utilize my degree
  • quit job for more challenging position, actually starting a career
  • got second tattoo
  • rarely go to church, more of a believer in spirituality
  • swear a-fucking-lot
  • working on getting my place in the Ring of Honor @ the Flying Saucer
  • like sex
  • like rock and roll
  • just say no to drugs
  • have questionable social skills
Hmm, guess that's all good; I'll be an upstanding member of St. Brigid's in no time!

I hope to make two trips a year (at least) to visit until he's more cognizant, then more as needed to keep that kid in line. JD is already the ladies' man and I'm hoping to parley that or his potential athleticism to get him into and pay for college. (Clark legacy, anyone?)

Hang on, everyone, I'm now involved in raising another member of the human race.

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Hey! I want you to know your fucking language upsets my sensitive fucking constitution! So knock the shit off will ya?