Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Green Side

Last week I began my journey to the Green Side of Mothering: Cloth Diapers.

As much as I try to be environmentally aware at work and at home, I hesitated going down the path of CD when I found out I was pregnant. Too much work, I thought.

So here we are, 16 months later, and I finally feel ready to attempt it. Ok, finally feel BRAVE enough to do it.Plus, I have two friends who work for Rockin Green detergent, and was looking for an excuse to use their soap.

After a lesson at the pool, I hauled Olive to Go, Baby, Go for a quick "How To" and "What the?" session with the owner, Elizabeth, and walked out with this:

  • bumGenius Freetime Albert Velcro
  • bumGenius Freetime Lovelace 
  • Fuzzibunz Watermelon 
  • Fuzzibunz Mac N Cheese
  • Thristies DUO AIO Meadow 2s
  • Thirsties DUO AIO Hoot 2s

So far, I've only tried them at night. I haven't mentioned to the daycare that this is coming. Heh. In any case, here's the results so far:

Test 1: fuzzibunz overnight. Win. Full of overnight pee. No leaks.
Test 2: thirsties overnight. Minor front leak fail.*
Test 3: bumGenius overnight. Less than major front leak fail. **

* Maybe if I had figured out how to put it on correctly...
** See above comment. *Facepalm* 

Seriously, where are the instructions? Even youTube videos only include reviews. WHERE'S THE HOW TO? I have work getting in the way of researching this and it's irritating the f**ck out of me. I swear, I'm smarter than this. I WILL WIN!

Today, I swapped out her disposable as soon as we got home from daycare. Into the Meadow Thristies she went. And into it went a poop. So...where are those instructions again? Tonight's bedtime features Fuzzibunz Watermelon with THREE inserts and a better snap fit. Just in case.

*fingers crossed*


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