Friday, March 18, 2011


Today was a beautiful day in Rome. We began our day with a walk through our neighborhood - the Jewish ghetto. Checked out the ruins nearby and had cappuccino at the kosher cafe behind our apartment. I'm convinced that people are more patient and friendly because I'm pregnant - and drool on every pastry case I find. The clerk was friendly and we sat at a table in the piazza letting the sun warm us up. We even had the polizia come and ask for our passports - he was not friendly and didn't like that as only had copies on us. I just smiled and explained in broken Italian that the real ones were in our apartment next door and he walked off.

Turns out the area is heavily guarded by the military police after an attack by the PLO 25 years ago and we must have looked suspicious. Really?

We then got dolled up and met the gang at their place and headed off to nearby tivoli in a Benz. Our poor driver, Mauro, dealt with Roz, Steve, and I playing 20 Italian questions while everyone else was in a different van.

From what we could see, tivoli was gorgeous. We got lost and saw a lot at 45mph in narrow alleys! I was pretty woozy after that.

The ceremony was at city hall and performed by the Mayor. We had a rotten translator but we got the gist of it. Roz looked gorgeous.

Then back to Rome for dinner at a restaurant at the campo di fiori. The restaurant opened into the plaza so we were able to watch the transformation from open air market to bar nightlife. And watch the sudden rain deluge that lasted all of ten minutes. Paul and I ate mixed bruscetta, two different pasta dishes, artichoke roman style, and pork saltimbocca. And house red. It was great. Followed by ... gelato!

Great walk back to the apartment as the sun set and temperature dropped. And now for a quiet night to prepare for more exploring tomorrow.

Buena notte!

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