Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Rome

It's a rainy, cold day in Rome. Had to wait a bit to get in to the apartment, but we were able to get in the foyer after I broke the door ring. :-). Had I known the bakery around the corner closed in a few minutes I would have run in.

We settled in and had lunch at Nonna Betta. The artichoke was a-mazing. I mean AMAZING! Fried in olive oil. Yum!

Found groceries and settled in until dinner as tonight is "bachelor/bacelorette" night. At a steakhouse. :-/. Better be super amazing to go out in this mess.

Walking around plans need to be changed so we don't get soaked or sick. Good thing we are a stone's throw from the jewish district and all their food offerings. :-)

Time for a quick nap.

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