Sunday, March 9, 2008

Temple of Flesh

DO and I actually made it to the Slinging Ink Expo at Freeman Colosseum yesterday after months of me teasing that he would never get one if we went and I contributed some cash as his Christmas present. It was most certainly a fest of flesh and ink, although some people would have done better to cover up more of their flesh and not let it all hang out. (A 'illustrated man' in the booth next to where we got our ink done was wearing ass-less shorts to better show up all his tats.)

DO did well and was entertained with his iPod and people watching while his calf was worked on. I, on the other hand, was getting work down in a sensitive area and was white-knuckling it for a bit. Even with all that, it was all we could do to not go crazy and get two or three tattoos, there's just something addictive about it. Life is way too short. Now, if I could only apply that theory to sky diving... :-|

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