Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Season 2 - Highway to Hell Marathon Training

I knew this day was coming when we signed up all last year's marathon expo for this year's Rock and Roll Marathon - full marathon training. Which is two weeks before the wedding.

Can't be all that bad, right? I continued running over the winter, but I wouldn't say I'm now an athlete. I completed the timed run for this year's group and ended up in the Red group (just barely) by averaging 2 miles with a 10:42 pace. So...I'm stretching myself. I'm prepared to be the last of the Red Group/first of the Orange Group (greater than 11:00). Yeah...I'm dreaming big here. The upside is that I've stuck to torturing myself at least twice a week so increasing my training isn't so bad. Or pain free. Urg.

Motivation drives me forward and I'm having a tough time gathering it. One of my running partners may need to take the season slow thanks to a chronic issue. The other is training for the half with a different pace group and is not likely to meet me at 5:45 regularly to get a run in before work. Major is held hostage by the sheets every morning and is also significantly faster than me. I may have a Monday partner, but that leaves me two solo runs. There's more accountability when others are around, and I feel like I can challenge myself more when in a group. (Read: I'm less likely to run a two-mile out and back rather than a four-mile)

What I've learned my first full year of running is:
- there's always an excuse not to run. My ass, however, feeds off excuses and will grow.
- that burning knee pain should not be ignored. Apply ice and take glucosamine.
- I'm proud of my accomplishments.
- lined shorts may sound weird, but they really are awesome.
- having little boobs comes in handy - no boob/running pain!
- fries are treats. Treats should be enjoyed now and then.
- a one-story house is in our future - after a long run, i'm not coming back down from showering.

I'm sure there's more. Until then:

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." John (the Penguin) Bingham .

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